Is your family bored by the same Thanksgiving leftovers day after day? Try these six leftover turkey recipes to create exciting new dishes out of the rest of your bird.

For Thanksgiving – or any day of the year – it’s so nice to have the treat of making a turkey, whether you prefer a roasted, fried or grilled turkey recipe. Using a whole bird gives you a large meal to feed a group. And everyone even gets excited about the leftovers…for a day or two, that is. After that, eating the same turkey meal or sandwich gets old, so it’s time to follow leftover turkey recipes that create a completely new dish with different flavors. This method will continue to make dinner fresh and exciting for your family. Plus, you won’t waste the extra meat and you’ll save time by already having your protein cooked.

Need some inspiration for what to do with your leftover turkey? Here are six recipes you have to try.

#1 Garlic Turkey Enchiladas

Garlic Turkey Enchiladas

This meal is perfect when you’re ready to spice things up after the classic Thanksgiving fare. These garlicky enchiladas give your family a Mexican take on turkey night, with flavors of tomato, cumin, chili powder, and of course, garlic! Get the recipe here.

#2 Turkey Pot Pie 

Made with simple ingredients, this turkey pot pie is a hearty dinner for your whole family. Prepare the filling the night before for an easy meal.

If you want to stick to the inviting comfort food feel associated with Thanksgiving and this time of year, add your leftover meat to a turkey pot pie. It’s like combining Thanksgiving dinner and dessert into one dish since you basically put a turkey meal into a pie crust! You can even throw your leftover veggies in if you want! Get the recipe now.

#3 Turkey Pho

15-Min Turkey Pho Recipe

Put an Asian twist on your leftovers with this turkey pho dish. This is one of those leftover turkey recipes that completely changes the flavor and presentation of your turkey to keep meals exciting for your family. Best of all, it only takes 15 minutes to make! Grab the recipe here.

#4 Turkey Pesto Sandwich

15-Minute Turkey Sandwich

Sometimes you just want to go with the traditional Thanksgiving flavors! This turkey sandwich recipe is for you. But this isn’t that sandwich where you throw all the leftovers on slices of bread. For this one, I take the great turkey and cranberry combo and spice it up with Chipotle Pecan Pesto and Havarti cheese. Don’t miss the recipe.

#5 Turkey Chili Mac

One-Pot Turkey Chili Mac

This is one of those leftover turkey recipes that has it all. It gives you a mix of healthy nutrients and bold flavors all in a presentation that combines two comfort food favorites: chili and mac and cheese. This turkey chili mac dish gives you a complete meal in one bowl, and it’s surprisingly quick and easy to throw together! Find the recipe here.

#6 White Chili

White Chili Recipe

Are you not in the mood for a standard red-based chili? Try this enticing white chili for a change. Turkey is the star, while this dish also uses white beans, mushrooms, white cheese and a variety of herbs and spices for a touch of color and flavor. This light dish gives you a welcome break after stuffing yourself with turkey for the past few days! Get the recipe.

Don't miss out on these six leftover turkey recipes to create exciting new dishes out of the rest of your bird after Thanksgiving.

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