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Restaurant-Quality Meals from Your Own Kitchen―over 150 Recipes for Sous Vide Perfection

Sous vide cooking creates mouthwatering meals. By cooking food at a precise, low temperature, this wonder gadget churns out perfectly cooked meat, fish, vegetables, and more. All it takes is an immersion circulator, a pot of water, and the Complete Sous Vide Cookbook to make the magic happen.

With 150+ recipes for everything from eggs to dinner party-worthy mains, this sous vide cookbook will give everyone from beginners to sous vide maestros even more reasons to love sous vide cooking. Discover the necessary gear you’ll want to keep nearby, including what immersion calculator to buy, learn best practices, and get cooking!

The Complete Sous Vide Cookbook includes:

  • Breakfast to dinner―The 100-plus recipes in this sous vide cookbook cover meals for any time of day, including sides and desserts.
  • Sous vide 101―Learn the hows and whys of sous vide cooking with an introductory section.
  • Mix it up―Helpful cooking charts in this simple-to-use sous vide cookbook feature various cuts and cooking times that allow you to create your own recipes.

No matter your skill level in the kitchen, the Complete Sous Vide Cookbook will help you make delectable dishes.

Whether you are new to this cooking method or you are a sous vide maestro, explore 150+ recipes for everything from Classic Pot Roast to creative crowd-pleaser like Lemon and Rosemary Infused Vodka.

Here are a few restaurant-quality dishes you can find in the book: 

Octopus with Chimichurri from Complete Sous Vide Cookbook

Octopus with Chimichurri

Sous vide your way to tender and succulent octopus, and then just give it a quick sear to blacken the edges. Chimichurri adds a tangy splash of green.

Herb Butter Corn on the Cob from Complete Sous Vide Cookbook

Herb Butter Corn on the Cob

For 800 kernels of deliciousness, try sous vide cooking your corn on the cob. The sous vide traps the corn’s juices, ensuring that it arrives on the plate extra moist and with more intense flavor. 

Pear and Cranberry Champagne Cocktails from Complete Sous Vide Cookbook

Pear and Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

This alluring cocktail is full of zing and lower in sugar than most fruity drinks. The vibrant dark pink color is perfect for brunch, the holidays, a festive evening, or even a night in.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents of Complete Sous Vide Cookbook

Editorial Reviews

“Cooking food at low and slow temperates doesn’t just make the food taste way better, it’s also better for you. The problem? It can be really confusing to get started and make it taste good. In Complete Sous Vide Cookbook, Sharon Chen makes sous vide not only easy and delicious but also healthy for you in ways that save you time and energy.” 

―Anthony Gustin DC, MS, CSCS

“At a time when more home cooks are exploring new ways to make memorable meals, Complete Sous Vide Cookbook creates a masterful road map guiding you to the perfect sous vide recipe every step of the way. The best part about these recipes is that they may be sous vide, but they certainly don’t exist in a vacuum! Sharon Chen, who’s no amateur in creating delicious food, has masterfully designed each recipe with accessible ingredients that are approachable, empowering home cooks to plan meals with confidence, and making sous vide the new normal of the busy weeknight dinner.”

 ―Sandie Markle, Director of Content Management at SideChef

“I have tried some of Sharon’s dishes firsthand and they are truly delightful. Having a gourmet sous vide guide for folks like myself written by Sharon is incredible, and I will recommend this book to all my friends.”

―Jarret Stopforth, Founder & CTO of Atomo Coffee

“Here is the only book for sous vide cooking you’ll ever need. If you’re new to sous vide, Sharon’s expertise takes the anxiety out of learning a new cooking method and makes it fun, engaging, and simple. If you’re a sous vide pro, you’ll delight in her unique, mouthwatering recipes. There’s something in the Complete Sous Vide Cookbook for everyone.”

―Brandi Black, Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Recipe Photos from Complete Sous Vide Cookbook

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