Make Simple & Balanced Meals with Restaurant-Quality at Home by Cooking Sous Vide!

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A simple solution for making well-balanced and restaurant-quality meals at home.

Sharon Chen, author and founder of this site

Have you ever wondered how to make perfectly tender and juicy steak to your preferred doneness from edge to edge every single time? 


Did you know that a piece of two-inch-thick chicken breast can be melt-in-your-mouthly soft and tasty without doing anything special to it? 


Can you imagine pleasing a crowd with a variety of high-quality foods from appetizers to main, to dessert with just one big pot full of water? 


Did you know that you can cook like a chef even if you don’t know how to chop an onion? 


Hi, my name is Sharon Chen, the creator behind StreetSmart Kitchen and a seeker of anything that makes our time in the kitchen short, sweet, and worthwhile.


In early 2018, life took me to Hong Kong from Austin, TX. It was a big change. 

In Texas, everything is big. In Hong Kong, everything is small including the size of your kitchen sink.

The biggest challenge for me was discovering the greatest unknown I’d ever face as an avid home cook: how to cook healthy meals with (almost) zero kitchen appliances. I’d need to get used to having an induction stove with two burners and a microwave. 

I knew there had to be a way to improvise so that I could cook the way I used to. And that’s when I started really looking into sous vide cooking, a method used to be applied in high-end restaurants and now popular in home kitchens. 

48-Hour Sous Vide Lamb Shank Recipe

If you haven’t heard of sous vide before, it’s a compact little machine that cooks your food using vacuum-sealed bags in a water bath with a precise temperature. One of the challenges when cooking with traditional methods is that we don’t have the control of cooking temperature. That’s why food can be overcooked or undercooked easily. That’s also why it requires our attention, focus, and time in the kitchen. With sous vide cooking, we get full control of the cooking temperature and it allows us to walk away from the kitchen with our mind in peace. It’s nearly impossible to overcook or screw anything up.

Essentially, the sous vide machine is an ideal fool-proof substitute for an oven or a grill, especially if you’re working in teeny tiny spaces.

Ever since sous vide became my go-to cooking method, I’ve been able to make well-balanced healthy meals for my family without the stress and hassle. Guess what? Everything I make feels like coming from a Michelin-star chef’s hand. Seriously. And you can do the same too. The prepping and cooking process is simple, but the outcome is disproportionally outstanding. 

It’s truly life-changing.

Over the years, I’ve tried to pretty much sous vide everything. Whether you are just getting started or you are obsessed with sous vide cooking, I’ve compiled two sous vide time and temperature cooking guides for you to quickly refer to. 

And this is just the beginning!


My mission is to help you be efficient and smart in the kitchen to build and maintain a healthy eating habit for you and your family. Join me and thousands of street-smart cooks on this sous vide journey. See you inside!