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Tatung Rice Cooker and Steamer

It’s been a few years since my first review about Tatung Rice Cooker and Steamer was published here (scroll down to read my original review). Oh boy! So many of you reached out to me about this awesome product. I loved reading and replying to every single comment that you left here. Whether you already own a Tatung rice cooker or you are thinking about getting one, feel free to fire away any questions you have in the comments below. I’d be happy to answer.

Tatung Rice Cooker

We moved from San Francisco, CA to Jacksonville, FL in 2015 and I carried my first Tatung rice cooker (the 6-cup one) with me across the country. Now that we are settled in Austin, TX, I left the rice cooker to my brother-in-law in Florida and upgraded to a stainless steel 11-cup rice cooker! I am so excited because I get to cook bigger batches of food now, not just rice, but other grains like quinoa, oats, millet, etc as well as soups, stews, seafood, and steamed vegetables! It makes my weekly meal prep so much easier.

Since I’ve used a smaller capacity rice cooker as well as a bigger capacity rice cooker made by Tatung, I thought it’s time to update my review to give you a detailed comparison.

What You Get in the Package

First and foremost, say you’ve decided to add one of these Tatung Stainless Steel 11-cup Rice Cookers in your kitchen, here’s what you can expect to get when you receive the package.

Tatung Rice Cooker
  • A stainless steel outer pot with a lid
  • A stainless steel inner pot with a lid
  • A measuring cup
  • A steaming tray
  • A rice spatula
  • A bilingual user manual book in English and traditional Chinese (Tatung is originally from Taiwan.)
Tatung Rice Cooker
Tatung Rice Cooker

There’s no difference between the 6-cup rice cooker and the 11-cup rice cooker in terms of the list of the items you get. The difference is obviously the size. However, Tatung’s measuring cups are across-the-board the same size regardless of the different models of the rice cookers. And it’s not your standard American measuring cup. Let’s take a close look.

The Measuring Cup

This plastic measuring cup that comes with the rice cooker approximately equals to 3/4 cup in the American measuring system. So if you want to use your regular measuring cup to determine how much rice you want to cook, you can totally do that. However, notice that there are 6 line marks on the Tatung measuring cup? That’s for telling you how much water you should add in your rice cooker to cook the perfect rice. And since it’s not a standard cup, I highly recommend that you hold on to it and try not to lose it. Why? Because if you want to use your standard American measuring cup to measure the water, you are gonna have to be really darn good at math.

Tatung Rice Cooker

Some of you told me that you’ve lost the original Tatung measuring cup and asked me how much water you should add to the inner pot and outer pot of the Tatung rice cooker for cooking a certain amount of rice. Therefore, I tried my best to do the math and wrote a big paragraph on how to do it replying to one of the comments below. But in order to save you some headaches, I’ve reached out to Tatung to see if you could buy one of their measuring cups separately. Once I get a response, I’ll update it here.

The Design

When it comes to the kitchen appliance, I like my stuff sparkling and shiny. So the silver-gray color of this stainless steel 11-cup rice cooker is totally my cup of tea.

Tatung Rice Cooker

One of my favorite parts of this rice cooker is a small little detail that Tatung thought about and integrated into the product design. The little hook on one of the handles can hold the outer lid when you finish cooking. With this design, you don’t ever have to worry about where to put the lid or getting condensation all over your kitchen counter. Just hang the lid on the hook while you dish your delicious food from the cooker.

Tatung Rice Cooker

The Switches

Last but not least, I am a huge fan of the stupidly simple switches. Just on and off, plus an option of keeping warm are all that offers which is exactly what I need.

Nowadays, I barely have any patience to read through the instructions on how to use a tool. In my book, if it’s not straightforward enough for me to figure it out on my own, then it’s not easy to use. If it’s not easy to use, then I am unlikely going to use it.

Tatung Rice Cooker

Tatung gets it. They invented a multifunctional rice cooker with just two switches. It’s as simple as turning on and off the lights in your living room. Pretty cool stuff.

The Tatung Rice Cooker Cookbook

Over the years, the Tatung Rice Cooker has become one of the most-used cookware in my kitchen. And I’ve created and tried so many different recipes with it. If you only use it to cook rice, you are missing out big time. That’s why I wrote a cookbook to cover the basics of cooking all foods in a Tatung Rice Cooker to help you get the most out of it.

Tatung Rice Cooker Cookbook - all covers