You’ve heard of Gourmet Persuasian – maybe you’ve tried our recipes or you’ve been following us for a while (thank you!). You’re probably wondering why we changed our name from Gourmet Persuasian to DelishPlan.

As a prolific food blogger, after talking with a lot of my readers I discovered that home cooks like yourself don’t get as stressed out over the actual process of cooking, but more over the lack of time we have.

That got me started rethinking the purpose of my food blog, previously named Gourmet Persuasian. (In case you’re curious why I picked this name at the first place, you can read about my story here.) As of today (March 2, 2016), it’s been nearly 1000 days since I published my first blog post on Gourmet Persuasian. Sure, I’ve got many recipes to share and I’ve written a couple of cookbooks. I could stay in my comfort zone and continue doing what I have been doing – cooking, taking photos and sharing the recipes with you on a weekly basis. Should I keep doing the same for another 1000 days? Or, should I step forward to set a new mission?

One crucial thing I learned on this food blogging journey is that we are literally what we eat. I am sure all of us are aware of it. Even though we strive to cook at home and only use fresh and clean ingredients, we still have a lot of responsibilities to juggle.

Cooking isn’t a rocket science, everyone can learn and get better and better by practicing. However, planning and preparation can be time-consuming and frustrating. How can we make simple decisions about food that saves time and improves our health?

My answer to that question brought me to a new vision – a website that helps busy home cooks like you put delicious, healthy meals on the table in less time than you ever thought possible. That not only includes easy-to-make recipes, which I will continue creating and sharing on a weekly basis, but cooking resources for you to refer to, such as videos, tips, and much more. I covered more details here.

With that said, the name Gourmet Persuasian no longer aligns with my goals, that’s why we changed the name to DelishPlan – plan easy and delicious homemade meals for a healthier, happier life.

Hope you find the new site more helpful and if you have any suggestions or questions, you can reach me at I am all ears!

~ Sharon