Things You Didn't Know
Your Slow Cooker Could Do

Let’s be honest. No matter how much you want to cook fresh and healthy dinners for your family every day, busy professionals like you sometimes just don’t have the time and energy to keep it up.

But with a slow cooker, cooking can be a lot less hassle, especially when you know how to utilize your slow cooker to its full potential.

In the StreetSmart Kitchen Slow Cooker Cookbook II, you’ll find 55 mouth-watering slow cooker recipes including conventional roasts, stews, soups as well as unconventional recipes like stuff peppers, enchiladas, sweets, and even PIZZAS! (Yes, slow cooker pizza is a thing...)

Slow Cooker Chicken Florentine Pizza

On top of that, you’ll discover tips and tricks that you didn’t know before which can help you master your slow cooker and make cooking a walk in the park.

What's Inside the Book?

Part One: Slow Cooker Tips and Tricks

In the first part of the book, you’ll find 7 comprehensive cooking guides. All the slow cooker tips and tricks covered in the first 7 chapters are based on my own cooking experience. You’ll find everything you need to know about how to use a slow cooker effectively, not only just for making comfort food in the winter, but for your summer cooking as well. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to make slow cooker dishes even more flavorful
  • How to adapt an oven or stovetop recipe into a slow cooker recipe
  • How to make the perfect vegetables after long hours of slow cooking
  • How to control the cooking time when you are away
  • How to cook two dishes in one slow cooker simultaneously
  • How to keep your slow cooker clean without ever washing it again

Part Two: 55 Mouth-Watering Recipes

There are also 55 slow cooker recipes in this book categorized by broth, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, pizza, pasta, seafood, vegetarian, and sweets. Many recipes in this book are gluten-free or include adaptations to make them so. All recipes have:

  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions to walk you through the entire cooking process
  • Vibrant, colorful recipe photos
  • Nutrition facts to keep you on track of your intakes

Use the tips in this book and practice with the tried and true 55 mouth-watering recipes. Very soon, you will be able to master slow cooking and make any recipes you want in your slow cooker.

Part Three: The Story of Yours Truly

This project had initially taken over a year to test, refine, and photograph, along with three months to write and edit, and three months to design and format. It's a project that has kept me up late at night. It's a project that I poured my heart and soul into.

To explain why I do what I do, the last part of this book explores my journey including how I started cooking, why I lived in three different States and two countries that are located on the opposite of the world in a span of five years, how I managed to follow my passion with all those big moves, and other aspects of life besides cooking.

You Bought the First Edition on Amazon?

The first edition of this slow cooker cookbook was released on Amazon in 2017. Both Kindle version and paperback version are available. I decided to update the book with more recipes and extend my story due to some major life events. Hence, this Edition II.

If you've purchased a copy of my slow cooker cookbook on Amazon before, that's awesome sauce! Leave a review if you haven't yet and Amazon will mark it as "Verified Purchase." Show it to me via email and you'll get this new edition for free!

Since Edition II of this book is only available in PDF format at the moment, but I understand that some of you prefer a physical book. Therefore, you may purchase the paperback version of Edition I on Amazon and leave a review, email me at [email protected], I'll happily send over the new PDF. 

What Other People Are Saying about The Book

Don’t be the one who only uses a slow cooker to cook stews and soups starting from fall and stores it away when winter is over. Be the one who knows a slow cooker inside out and can master it by cooking delicious things that others have never thought of.

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