“One Delicious Month” cookbook was created in San Francsico, CA in December 2014 when this site was named “Gourmet Persuasian”, where our founder Sharon Chen shared her mother’s and her own recipes. Even though this site has been rebranded to DelishPlan with a bigger mission, we decided to keep Sharon’s very first cookbook in honor of the inception of Gourmet Persuasian.

“One Delicious Month” is a digital book with 30-day pre-planned dinner menu for you and your family that includes 45 quick and healthy dishes for your work days, 12 hearty and comforting meals during weekends and 8 mouthwatering desserts as a little bonus for your sweet teeth!

One Delicious Month

Being a home cook is about bringing healthy food on the dining table every day; being a home cook is about making sure the whole family eats well and eats on time; being a home cook is about spreading your love into the food you make and sharing with your loved ones; being a home cook is also about being able to transform whatever in your fridge into a delicious meal.

It’s hard work but you are so happy to do it.

Sometimes you run out of ideas for what to cook. You are tired of the recipes that you have been making forever. If that’s the case, I hope this cookbook will help give you new ideas about your dinner plan every day for a whole month.

Every single one of the recipes shared in this book is a regular on our own dining table. We ate and loved all of them. They are easy to make, healthy and delicious! Let’s take a look inside.

One Delicious Month - Screen Shot
One Delicious Month - Screen Shot


This cookbook is categorized into three different parts – 22 meals for work days, 8 meals for weekends, and 8 bonus desserts.

  • All 45 weekday dishes are simple and quick.
  • The majority of the weekday meals take less than an hour to cook in total.
  • Hands-on preparation time for 13 weekend meals are still no more than 30 minutes.
  • 8 truly luscious desserts that steal the show wherever you take them.
  • Vibrant photos for each recipe.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Flavorful and healthy combination for each day.
  • Clear cuisine and type indication in each recipe including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, or pescetarian.
  • Useful notes and tips to make easy cooking even easier.
  • BEST recipes that I have created or adapted throughout the entire year of 2014.
  • A story about Sharon and the inception of Gourmet Persuasian.
One Delicious Month - Photo Collage


In “Table of Contents”, by clicking any recipe title, you will be taken directly to the recipe page and find out what to pair with the dish right away. Isn’t it cool?

This book is designed for you to have one full month of delicious meals. They are so easy and affordable that you may totally refer to the book over and over again.


We didn’t publish this book through Amazon or any other publishers. As a result, the cookbook only has a digital version. However, the book is formatted in a print-friendly way. You may print out the book or certain recipes if you wish.

To receive the download link for “One Delicious Month”, click the “Buy Now” button, You’ll be taken to a Paypal checkout page, where you can choose between Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, or Paypal. Once the payment is completed, the download link will be sent to your PayPal inbox immediately.