This Fusion Cooker recipe book is not for sale. It is a gift designed and compiled exclusively for Fusion Cooker owners. Don’t have a Fusion Cooker yet?

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Please note that this is not a manual book. Please refer to the manual book that comes with your Fusion Cooker package for instructions on how to use the cooker. The purpose of this book is to show you different ways to use the Tatung Fusion Cooker to cook your daily meals at home with less effort in less time.

There are four cooking modes offered by the Fusion Cooker. Let’s quickly go through each mode.

Fusion Cooker Recipes Book Cover

  • Cook – The “Cook” mode offers 5 cooking levels. When it’s selected, you’ll need to choose a cooking level and set the cooking time. Both the waterless pot and the grilling pan can be used under the “Cook” mode.
  • Grill – The “Grill” mode requires you to set the temperature as well as the grilling time once selected. Please note that only the grilling pan can be used under this mode. The extreme heat will damage the waterless pot.
  • Bake – There are no level or time setting requirements under the “Bake” mode. This is when you set and forget and let the Fusion Cooker do its thing. It will remind you 10 minutes before your goodies are done with a beeping sound. Of course, it will make the sound again once the baking is finished.
  • Soup – Similar to the “Bake” mode, not much to do in the “Soup” mode either. Set it and walk away. Come back when the cooker gives you a signal.

Through the recipes in this book, you’ll learn which cooking mode you should choose for certain types of foods, what temperature to cook the foods, how long to cook them, and which lid you should use to cover your foods.

Fusion Cooker recipes

All recipes in this book are developed and tested by DelishPlan and Tatung USA. We focused on creating healthy meals which cover all functions that the Fusion Cooker offers. Here is what you’ll find in this book.

  • How to grill the juiciest chicken in the world using the “steam-grill” function, even if your chicken breast is 2-inch thick.
  • How to grill steak and fish in less than 15 minutes.
  • How to cook vegetables like potatoes and carrots to tender in just 8 minutes.
  • How to cook without water.
  • How to make a beef stew in “soup” mode.
  • How to bake the perfectly moist and chewy brownies.

Without further ado, let’s get started on some waterless cooking and indoor grilling! Learn more about Fusion Cooker here or order one right now.

fusion cooker